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Dr Joel Yoeli is a consultant clinical psychologist, with over 35 years professional experience of delivering systemic therapy and other forms of counselling to adults, young people, children and families. He retired from the NHS five years ago, and is now established in private practice. He is a chartered member of the British Psychological Society and is registered as a practicing psychologist with the Health & Care Professionals Council.

Joel is Israeli by origin. He grew up on a kibbutz, a radically collectivist society which held unique ideas about families and groups. When reflecting upon his transition to adulthood, Joel describes the moment he and his military comrades first heard John Lennon’s Imagine on the radio in their mountain tent during their conscription into a war that none wanted to fight. Not knowing whether or not any of them would return home, all were seized by Lennon’s dream of “a brotherhood of man… sharing all the world”. Joel was struck by how global peace is often built only by the reconciliation of one relationship at a time. And so, he became a philosopher and a psychologist.

Joel trained as a psychologist in the USA and practiced in Israel before coming to the UK. He is able to practice in English, Hebrew or Spanish. His CV can be viewed here.

Immanence Therapeutic Solutions sometimes offers experience and mentoring opportunities for counselling and psychology trainees. All trainees work under the supervision of Joel.

At Immanence Therapeutic Solutions, Joel are his trainees are aided by their administrator Heather, who manages their inbox, diary and website. Heather has been trained in client confidentiality and data protection, and handles all enquiries and bookings with the utmost discretion.