Therapy and counselling

Individual therapy or counselling

Joel’s professional training and clinical experience is primarily with young people, children and families. Families members can be of any age, and he is therefore able also to work with adults of all ages. 

Joel is able to see clients with a wide range of difficulties. Much of his NHS work focused on the psychological, emotional and relational challenges faced by children with autistic spectrum-type difficulties and so-called challenging behaviours, and by their parents. Much of his clinical research involved working with individuals who experience their emotions as physical symptoms such as fatigue and pain, and through syndromes such as CFS/ME and fibromyalgia. He now often sees clients whose problems are exacerbated by learning difficulties or accompanied by medical conditions.

Joel has a longstanding interest in undertaking therapeutic work with people with diagnoses often considered unsuitable for talking treatments, such as those of long-standing mental illnesses and personality disorders. He often co-works with other professionals his clients are seeing, particularly when child protection services or the criminal justice system are involved, or when the client is at risk of being detained under the Mental Health Act.

Our consulting room is located in a quiet, residential area of Gosforth. It is easily accessible by public transport and there is plenty of parking. Joel is usually able to travel to clients who would struggle to travel to him, and typically makes home visits to those with mobility challenges, childcare difficulties and extreme anxiety.

Couple and family group therapy

Joel is experienced in working with a diversity of couples and family structures. He is able to see couples with difficulties in any aspect of their relationship. He provides systemic family therapy to family groups of any size, with members of any age. Most families Joel sees approach him for help in managing the behaviour of a particular member, and Joel often helps such families to view their challenges more holistically and collaboratively.

In order to gain a clear understanding of the difficulties faced by couples and families who seek his help, Joel usually sees such clients in their own homes.