Our philosophy

At Immanence Therapeutic Solutions, our primary theoretical orientation is a systemic one. That said, we work responsively and eclectically, always trusting clients who can tell us what forms of therapy or counselling they need.

Systemic approaches to psychological therapies regard the client not just as an individual but as a member of one or more of the natural or social groups to which they might belong: perhaps, for example, their family, their friendship circle, their workplace or their communities. Joel helps people to explore their difficulties in the context of their lived experiences, cultural heritages and significant relationships. Wherever appropriate, Joel invites clients to include in the process of therapy any significant people in their lives.

Although Joel has background in systemic theory and practice, his approach is pragmatic. This means that he responds to individual clients by encouraging them to help him understand what approach might best suit their needs and preferences. Joel is also trained to deliver cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT), is able to draw flexibly from these in the way that he works.

If clients are seeking a form of counselling or therapy that neither Joel and nor others at Immanence Therapeutic Solutions can provide, we will put you in contact with colleagues who might be better placed to help you.